H: Network Rail Documents submitted during Inquiry (including documents submitted during adjournment period)

NR-100 - Network Rail (NR) Opening Statement
NR-101 - Revised Order dated 18.10.17
NR-102 - Compliance Bundle as submitted in October 2017 (not currently available electronically)
NR-103 - NR / ECC Statement of common ground
NR-104 - Note on minor amendments to Order
NR-105 - NR Note and amended plans of 7th September 2018 (submitted during adjournment)
NR-106 - Note on Monetary Benefits (submitted during adjournment)
NR-107 - Note for the inspector regarding the adjournment of the inquiry dated 22 December 2017(submitted during adjournment)
NR-108 - Note on the revised Book of Reference (submitted during adjournment)
NR-109(1) - Revised Book of Reference (submitted during adjournment)
NR-109(2) - Revised Book of Reference - with tracked changes (submitted during adjournment)
NR-110 - Cover Note
NR-110 - Compliance Bundle as submitted in September 2018 (submitted during adjournment)
NR-111 - Note on revised NPPF (submitted during adjournment)
NR-112 - NR’s correspondence with Objectors not appearing at Inquiry (submitted during adjournment)
NR-113 - Note on Draft Environment Agency Protective Provisions
NR-114 - House of Commons Safety at Level Crossings Report
NR-115 - Anglia Crossing Reduction Listing (Essex)
NR-116 - Thurrock - Route Requirements Document 
NR-117 - Map of Essex Crossings
NR-118 - Joint statement on behalf of Network Rail and Essex CC
NR-119 - Anglia Level Crossing Reduction Strategy – Diversity Impact Assessment Scoping Report
NR-120 - Full set of DIA documents – all crossings
NR-121 - Essex Equality and Diversity Overview Report Rev C
NR-122 - Folder containing “legal bundle”  (not currently available electronically)
NR-123 - DMRB HD 19/15 Road Safety Audit extracts
NR-124 - Note on definition of 'Suitable and convenient'
NR-125 - Note on Level Crossing Benefits
NR-126 - Note on Monetary Benefits: Breakdown
NR-127 - Note on Filled-Up Order dated 02.10.18
NR-128 - Filled-Up Order dated 02.10.18
NR-129 - Replacement Order Plans dated 02.10.18
NR-130 - Correspondence with ECC regarding Consultation and RSA dated 20.09.16
NR-131 - Essex Transport Strategy: the Local Transport Plan for Essex - June 2011
NR-132 - Once in a Generation - a Rail Prospectus for East Anglia 
NR-133 - DMRB - Volume 6 Road Geometry, Section 1 Links - February 2005
NR-134 - DMRB - Volume 2 Highway Structures: Design (Substructures and Special Structures, Section 2 Special Structures - August 2006
NR-135 - Note as to meaning of Suitable and Convenient with extracts from Oxford English Dictionary
NR-136 - DMRB - Volume 2 Highway Structures: Design (Substructures and Special Structures, Section 2 Special Structures - May 2017
NR-137 - Extract from 'inclusive mobility'
NR-138 - Note on Planning Policy
NR-139 - Photograph of New Footway under the bridge at Ironwell Lane (E-26 Barbara Close)
NR-140 - Response to Mr Lees' written questions
NR-141 - Environmental Constraints Plan H-09 - to follow
NR-142 - Letter to HMWT dated 20 September 2018 with HMWT response dated 17 October 2018
NR-143 - Errata to Proof of Evidence submitted by Daniel Fisk
NR-144 - Extract from DfT - Local Transport Note 1/11 - October 2011
NR-145 - Extract from the CIHT Manual for Streets2 - Wider Application of the Principles
NR-146 - Plans showing E41 - Paget - proposed changes
NR-147 - Three signalling plans with explanatory note
NR-148 - Automatic Traffic Count - Ockendon Road, HA3 - Manor Farm and HA4 - Eves
NR-149 – Highway Code Breaking Distances
NR-150 – NR letter to Bures Hamlet Parish Council dated 5th September 2017
NR-151 – Effects of Level Crossing equipment fsilure affecting signalling of trains
NR-152 - Note regarding visibility and steps at Crossing E29 Brown and Tawse
NR-153 - Note regarding process for registration of authorised users
NR-154 - NR response letter to Holland Land and Property with regard to Crossing T04
NR-155 - EIA Screening Request Report

NR Note regarding Crossing E06 and E48
Previous proposal: Sheet 12, Sheet 13, Sheet 14
Amended proposal: Essex TWAO E06 Individual Replacement Sheet 12; Essex TWAO E06 Individual Replacement Sheet 13; Essex TWAO E06 Individual Replacement Sheet 14
Previous proposal: E48 NR 129 dated 22.08.2018
Amended proposal: E48 Replacement Sheet 40 dated 5.12.2018

NR Response to John  Russell's Technical Note 02 (RA) - E38 - Battlesbridge
NR Ripple Effect Note - 17.12.18
NR Note in response to supplementary evidence submitted by Mr de Moor (RA)
NR Note regarding Census Data at E26 - Barbara Close
NR Note on Section 5(6) TWA 1992 - 'required'
NR Note - E51 Thornfield Wood and 52 Golden Square - Hedgerow Surveys Update

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