I: Other Party Documents submitted during Inquiry

Opening Submissions October 2017

OP/100 - Opening Submission Essex County Council (OBJ195) - E56 Abbots in para 2 should read E42 Sandpit
OP/101 - Opening Submission Colchester Borough Council (OBJ 141)
OP/102 - Opening Submission The Ramblers Association (OBJ 148)
OP/103 - Opening Submission Essex Local Access Forum (OBJ 142)
OP/104 - Opening Submission National Farmers Union (OBJ 34)

Documents submitted during the adjournment of the Inquiry

Ramblers Association (Obj/142)
Katherine Evans - Supplementary Proof
Katherine Evans - Appendices to Supplementary Proof

Essex County Council (Obj/195)
Helen Baker
Supplementary Proof of Evidence
William Cubbin
Proof of Evidence

Documents Submitted following resumption of the Inquiry on Tuesday, 25th September 2018

OBJ-013 - Strutt & Parker on behalf of Mr Mee
Plan showing bus stops on Ockendon Road/B1421
Google photograph showing bridge on Ockendon Road/B1421

OBJ-030 - E & K Benton Limited
Further points with regard to the proposed alternative footpath at T04 - Jefferies

OBJ-059 - Councillor Liddy
Note presented by Cllr Liddy
Accident Report email trail

OBJ-132 - Bures Hamlet Parish Council
Statement to Inquiry by Michael Welch, Chairman
Statement to Inquiry by Janet Aries, Parish Rights of Way Committe Member and Representative
Statement to Inquiry by David Lee, Vice Chairman

OBJ-137 - Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trusts
Letter dated 17 October 2018 regarding partial objection withdrawal

OBJ-138 - D Hedges
Email dated 19 October 2018 - additional statement to objection

OBJ-141 - Colchester Borough Council
Rachel Forkin supplement to Proof of Evidence

OBJ-142 - Essex Local Access Forum
Note of orally presented strategic evidence presented by Sue Dobson
Note of orally presented strategic evidence presented by Katherine Evans
Additional evidence on Crossings E17 - Boreham and E18 - Noakes by Sue Dobson
Additional evidence on Crossings E19 - Potters and E20 - Snivellers by Katherine Evans

OBJ-144 - Newport Parish Council
Statement given by Stephen Ayles with additional comments by Neil Hargreaves (OBJ-180)

OBJ-148 - Ramblers Association
Note on Mr Russell’s revised position on E38 following evidence presented to Inquiry
Extract from DMRB (TA 90/05)
Copy of outline Planning Permission to Bellway Homes dated 1 July 2013
Extract from 'inclusive mobility' - 8.4 changes in level
Note on Public Sector Equality Duty Requirements & DIA documentation
Note regarding the withdrawal of objections to proposals at E04 Parndon Mill and E48 Wheatsheaf.  
Supplementary proof of evidence of Mr De Moor (following on from points that he made during his evidence-in-chief on 3 October 2018).
- App 1 to supplementary proof - NICE 2018 Guidance pp. 1 – 19
- App 2 to supplementary proof - NICE 2018 Guidance, Glossary
Note on calculations made of dimensions of underpassA05/A06
Additional evidence regarding HA3 Manor Farm
Additional evidence regarding HA4 Eve's Crossing
Letter from DfT to Douglas Carswell MP regarding Mr Coe's concerns over crossing E56 - Abbotts - dated 29 October 2012
​Letter from DfT to Douglas Carswell MP regarding Mr Coe's concerns over crossing E56 - Abbotts - dated 29 April 2013
Appeal Decision - Station Field, Plough Road, Great Bentley 29 September 2016
Essex County Council's plan of the favoured route for the A120 between Braintee and the A12, announced in June 2018

OBJ-177 - University of Essex
Letter notifying Inquiry that a Costs Application will be submitted

OBJ-187 - Wivenhoe Town Council
Oral presentation given by Peter Kay
RSSB response to ORR consultation July 2010 (p.1-2)
Google photograph of Station Road

OBJ-195 - Essex County Council
Joint Statement with NR on Road Safety Audits 
Note to Inspector regarding withdrawal of Evidence and clarification of position
Extract from Essex Online Highways Information Map
Extract from Inclusive Mobility - Mobility impaired and Visually impaired people
Plan showing location of bus stops in vicinity of E30 and E31
Assessment of Walked Routes to School (Road Safety GB/ROSPA)

OBJ-207 - Open Spaces Society
Questions from Malcolm Lees to Network Rail – General and E-38 Battlesbridge

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